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If you are new to this Journey with the Hebrew letters, i want to encourage you to read the preceding blogs to catch up and give you a better foundation. If this is a new journey for you, you are still at the right place. You might not get or understand everything, just keep moving forward. 1% is 1% you never had.


Into to the Hebrew letters, Intro to Aleph, Intro to Beyt, Intro to Gimmel, Intro to Dalet, Intro Hey.

Intro to VAV






Zayin is the 7th letter in the AlephBeyt & also carries the numerical value (or gammatria) of 7.
7 is of course a significant number in the Bible.
Zayin זינ means weapon or sword & comprises the three letters Zayin ז, Yod י, Nun נ. The numerical value for the word is 67. If we take it further, 6+7=13 = 1+3=4 4= Dalet ד  (The pathway or door)


I’d like to pique your interest in a method of meditating on the Hebrew letters. Each Hebrew letter is a gate,  each letter is spelt with other Hebrew letters,  like with Zayin. Many of the Hebrew letters are spelt through a triad, three letters forming a triangular. A triangle signifies a gateway and represents the Trinity. Each Hebrew letter can give you insight into Zayin and deepen your meditation, unlocking more gateways of engagement.  We go a little into depth regarding this,  but I am mentioning it if you would like to go deeper.
Although Zayin means weapon, it is important to remember that it embodies rest.  Though it means weapon,  that does not translate to a life on the battlefield,  but it’s fought for us. The weapon speaks from an accomplished position.  It is authority executing decrees and government from our seat of rest.  Don’t just think of a weapon as a sword,  but also as a plough. YHVH has already prepared the ground for us so we as sons of God can administer from the heavenlies into fertile ground,  ground already prepared for the sowing. Look at the following scripture:
Hosea 10:1
Fallow ground is pre-cultivated ground, but not broken up for seeding. It contains everything necessary to make sure whatever is planted will be successful. The reason it’s not broken up cause it’s protected for a certain time or season. Zayin allows you to get the timing right to operate from rest.
Zayin says it’s all prepared for us, sure we have to do something, but it’s jumping in and allowing the river to take you there.
I think of Zayin as a cheat sheet… comically.  It’s the weapon that has already done the work for you. It’s like YHVH puts the sword in your hand so you can show off and take the credit… LOL. On a serious but joyful note, it’s important to engage Zayin with Wisdom. Though it’s all prepared for us, she teaches us how so we don’t waste what is ours.
Something very significant for me with the letter is its numerical value of 7.  On the 7th day God instituted rest. Zayin exists in rest, therefore operates outside of time and space.  Through Zayin,  we can increase our productivity and deadlines by engaging this important gateway, which is a weapon wielded above time. It might sound magical to you,  but Zayin is the gateway to accomplish a lot more with a lot less time and effort.  We not talking about laziness,  but efficient productivity.  Whenever you start, Zayin whispers in your ear ‘it is already done’. 
A very significant word that starts with ז is זבד, which means ENDOW. The Dictionary describes ENDOW as ‘ to provide with a permanent fund or source of income’. And it’s also spelt with the letters we’ve already covered. ZAYIN BEYT DALET. So ז is our cultivated ground, prepared in advance for the sons. From their position as the temple (ב) to co-create,  they open (ד) & release from the heavenly storehouses into our circumstances. The combination of these letters hold secrets and mysteries that when engaged, releases the right seed at the right time, sown in the cultivated land. Use the letters when you pray,  they are keys and gateways to release.  Your inheritance is locked up within the Hebrew letters.  As we learn to engage and pair them up we create. Zayin, as a sword in the hand,  has a lot to do with rulership amid your enemies. Wielding the sword of Zayin, Announces kingship in the spirit realm to which every principality and power of the air takes notice.
It is a declaration of Kingship, Sonship, & Rest. IT IS ALREADY DONE. When you engage Zayin, you go back to what was finished at the foundations of the world and release it in the now.
Words that start with Zayin ז. The reason i give you key word that start with that letter, is so you can meditate and deepen your study regarding the letter.
Memory זכרון
Gold זהב
Identity זהות
Seed זרע
Splendour זוהר
The angel of Zayin is Zemriel/Zanriel or just angel of Zayin







The angel of VAV is Variel/Vardiel (some variations)






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