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Introduction to the Hebrew Letters


We all have a history, and whatever that past may be, plays a role and shapes us as Living beings, and who we are today. A Great deal of my spiritual life was firmly embedded in the charismatic movement. Now please understand that I am so grateful for everything I have learnt and grown, but somewhere along the line, deep within my spirit, a yearning for the deeper things of Yahweh stirred. I felt as if my spiritual life was developing a twang, a feeling that burned a question within me Theres got to be more that this. Ive always been a mystic at heart, but have been very cautious because so much of what we believe now was and still is severely tainted by the New Age movement. It was until recent years that Yahweh stirred in my heart that the New Age movement is squatting on our inheritance, and we need bold fearless explorers & pioneers willing to go where the general church is not willing to venture, to take back what is rightfully ours. I quickly realised that taking on this calling was no popular choice and has it’s fair share of criticism & persecution. One thing for sure, I will not look back, I will push forward, and like Morpheus, I will continue to present the red pill. Ive dedicated my life to help people unlock their supernatural life, to grow their sonship into original intent. I am deeply grateful for explorers that have gone ahead like Ian Clayton, Dr O, Justin Abrahams and many more that we may delve into the secrets and mysteries of the Kingdom and the joy of being sons.

It was during this journey I started engaging with the Hebrew letters, and as a mystic, the Hebrew letters play a central role in unlocking the unlimited realms and dimensions of the mysteries & secrets of YHVH. I however have noticed that few understand the living letters but have a deep desire to delve deeper, which brings us to the current series of  Journey into the living Hebrew letters.

The Hebrew letters are living emanations

Nothing exists until Yahweh does it or says it. Think about it. Creation wasnt first, but when God spoke, it created the Living letters. Through the living letters, they brought everything else into existence. The Hebrew letters are firstly not a language, but living emanations from within Yahweh. They carry mysteries and secrets deeply embedded within Him. Father chose that thru His Son, everything should live move and have its being, from Him, in Him and through Him.

John 1:1 NIV

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

John 1:1 TPT

In the very beginning, the Living Expression was already there. And the Living Expression was with God, yet fully God.

Creation through the letters

Genesis 1:1 NIV

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

Genesis 1:1 LHB

בְּרֵאשִׁ֖ית בָּרָ֣א אֱלֹהִ֑ים אֵ֥ת הַשָּׁמַ֖יִם וְאֵ֥ת הָאָֽרֶץ׃

berashit elohim et bara (In the beginning God created). Note the את (Aleph Tav) in the Hebrew but doesnt appear in the English bibles. That scripture would literally read – In the beginning, God through Aleph to Tav, created the heavens and the earth.

The Talmud teaches that God engaged with the Hebrew letters when He created

God created the world thru 22 letters, there’s a 23rd letter but we wont be covering that one as yet.

The Hebrew bible is a cosmic code and the Living letters are the keys to unlock the mysteries hidden within.

In the beginning was the word, then means that in the beginning was the sound, a sound unheard of before it was spoken, exists in the realm of the  infinite. From that realm of the infinite, it comes to the manifestation of the vessel, to the organ of speech, and is uttered, the Living Letters.

Isaiah 7:11 NIV

Ask the Lord your God for a sign, whether in the deepest depths or in the highest heights.”

Engaging the Hebrew letters thru Christ we can create worlds and fulfil our scrolls and change the world. There is an energy force within the letters more powerful and intense, a creative ability more immense than the power hidden within an atom. Think of the power living in you through Christ.

In the Talmud it describes that God, through the Hebrew letters, created what we now know as creation.

Psalm 33:6 by the word of the Lord were the heavens made”.

For some this may be dated news, for others it could be new… but think about it,  Jesus is the Word,  the Word, i.e. scripture comprises the Hebrew language.  Scripture is very clear that everything finds its existence in and through the Word who is Jesus. understandThe New Testament was written in Greek,  however Jesus spoke in Hebrew. Though the New Testament speaks of the Alpha and Omega,  Jesus said he was the ALEPH and the TAV, the beginning and the end. The Rabbis were thorough in translating the Hebrew Bible not to reposition or move any of the Hebrew letters.  Each letter specifically written and its order not to be tampered with. If they moved the letters,  their meanings would change. Consider the tablets with the Ten Commandments on.  The tablets were grafted from the Throne of God and made of sapphire stone. On these tablets God wrote with His finger (Exodus 31:18)…so lets just stop there. When you write,  you are literally taking something within you and bringing it forth on paper, shaping something that’s hidden inside of you, visible and understandable.  That is exactly what God did. The Hebrew letters reveal and are connected to the deep mysteries and Revelations hidden within the supernal realm of his presence. If Jesus is the word,  and the word is a person,  well, then,  you realise what the Hebrew letters are… they are alive. The Word of God is a cosmic code that plunges you into the depths of His glory, revealing His handiwork and the expanse of his heart towards man, a love relationship that has no bounds and is as intoxicating as a first kiss lived in repeat.

Though earth and man were gone, and suns and universes ceased to be, and thou were left alone, Every existence would exist in thee… -Emily Bronte

Physicist John Wheeler The beauty in the laws of physics is their fantastic simplicity. What is the ultimate mathematical machinery behind it all? That must surely be the most beautiful of all

a Scientist by the name of Hans Jenny, invented a machine called the Tono Scope. a Tono Scope makes sound visible by displaying its vibrations. When he spoke the English language,  no specific pattern would appear on this machine, however, when he spoke the Hebrew Living letters, the actual letter would take shape. The Hebrew letters are not a language, but living beings, emanations of YHVH, when put together form a language, one that creates.

Moshe Ben Ezra, a Jewish Philosopher said: the letters & words are like bodies, their meanings are like the Soul. a Letter not opened, is like a dream not interpreted.

The Zohar states that the living letters presented themselves before the Throne of Yahweh prior creation for YHVH to speak creation into existence. (The Zohar is the foundational work in the literature of Jewish mystical thought. It is a group of books including commentary on the mystical aspects of the Torah and scriptural interpretations and material on mysticism, mythical cosmogony, and mystical psychology. Wikipedia)

Remember, Jesus is the Word, so you can just imagine the picture of Yeshua,  how living the letters are within Him and through Him.

In Hebraic thought and study, different levels of engaging are pursued, called Pardes:

The PARDES – Levels of engaging the Hebrew letters

Pardes means – orchad, paradise or garden

1. PISHAT פשט – what’s on the surface – plain contextual meaning

2. REMEZ רמז – what’s hidden and symbolic, below the surface – allegorical meaning

3. DERASH דרש – to enquire or seek – metaphorical meaning

4. SOD סוד – secret – mystery that comes thru inspiration or revelation – hidden meaning

Midrash and Rabbinic readings “discern value in texts, words, and letters, as potential revelatory spaces,” – wikipedia

Vanessa Lovelace defines midrash as “a Jewish mode of interpretation that not only engages the words of the text, behind the text, and beyond the text, but also focuses on each letter, and the words left unsaid by each line. – wikipedia

Esoteric means that the surface meaning of Scripture, as with esoteric texts while it may also be true, is not the real truth to which Scripture refers. Instead, the surface meaning hides/covers/conceals its actual intention. The real truth is the secret hidden within the deceptive covering. The fourth level of exegesis, Sod-Secret, belongs to the esoteric “Nistar-Hidden” interpretations of Scripture found alternatively in Jewish mysticism… the Hebrew letters.

Engaging the Hebrew letters has unearthed mysteries about Yahweh that has made me a complete addict to who and what YHVH is. I am more in love with Yeshua than ever before, and by connecting with the Living letters has revealed realms of His love never experienced. All I want to do is to understand Him better, immersed in His presence as I continue to drown in the ecstasy & bliss of who He is.

On our Journey with the letters, we will seek the SODof His presence that we may know Him more & the secrets of His love towards you and me. As we walk this path, our aim isnt to just understand the letters, but to know Him better through the letters.

It is said that Abraham was the world’s first astronomer and astrologer (not in the new age sense). Initiated into the mysteries of the cosmos by what they taught, the deeper meanings hidden within the permutations and combinations of the Hebrew letters. Understanding the Living letters provides a direct experience of all that exists as an interlocking manifestation of the macro and microcosm of who we are in and through Him. The Aleph Beyt is the cosmic bond. The Living letters carry the genetic code of the universe.

Some aspects well focus on with the Living letters:

3 Dimensions of looking at the Hebrew letters

1. Design – Look and shape – pictorial

2. Pronunciation (name)

3. Gematria – Numerical value of the letters. (music is mathematical, computer programming is mathematical)

4. Meanings

4 Hebrew base letters

1. Yod י – sparks the seed

2. Vav ו – the peg, the ladder that connects heaven and earth

3. Kaf כ – hand of actions

4. Samech ס – circle of the letters – expansion

I came across an app I introduced to my congregation to download and get to know the Hebrew letters. The app is called Hebrew Flashcardsand is available free on the app store. I only have Apple products, Im sure its also available for Android. Every morning I’d take a couple of minutes to go through them, I did the same in the evening. If your knowledge of the Hebrew letters are very little to zero, dont let that scare you. The best way to get to move forward is to start. Some things might fly over your head, thats ok, enjoy the breeze. Before you know it, youll repeat it off by heart.  You might not remember what you ate 2 weeks ago, but you remember you ate, and you grew by what you ate.

Just like you, Im also on a journey and my knowledge is still growing. But I will teach you what I know and help as best as possible to engage so it may become a life-giving force in your Supernatural life. The purpose of the journey is not to teach you the Hebrew language, but to lay a foundation regarding the letters, to create a springboard for you to jump deeper into your own engagements with YHVH. I want to encourage you to push the boundaries of the unconventional. Through Christ our door, we explore the realms and depths of the Hebrew letters, to know Him and His ways.

How to engage in the Hebrew letters

Something that I have done, which has aided me in engaging the letter,  was creating flashcards.  I printed each of the letters on an A4 paper and had it laminated.  It helps me to visualise and structure what I am praying into.

Step 1. I always start my spiritual engagements with meditation first. Breathing and still my mind, unlocking awareness and bringing my body in line with my soul, my soul with my spirit, and my spirit with the Holy Spirit. Speak it out. I aim for that sweet spot in the spirit where you can feel or sense divine alignment. Remember that we operate by faith & not by feelings alone. Meditation continues between the steps, its the foundation of the process.

Step 2. Engage your imagination, it is the bridge between the physical into the spiritual. a sanctified imagination is purposed to engage throne room realities. Imprint the letter in your subconscious mind. The practice of drawing the letter can help.

Step 3. What are the visions or pictures forming in your mind. Write them down. I would get a journal just for the Hebrew letters so you can keep a record of what the Father is showing with each letter. Your mind is the canvas on which He will paint his heart.

Step 4. Speak the Hebrew letter, chant it, engage it with your gut and release with your breath. As you release it with your breath, what do you see? Remember to visualise the letter as a living being, then a letter. Letters contain realms and angelic beings of their own.

Step 5. Meditate on the sound, shape and meanings of the letters, each being a meditation on its own. I’d suggest having a journal or book only dedicated to your engagements with the Hebrew letters. Get creative with your journal, infographics, pictures etc to show what you’ve experienced.

These are basic steps, but always remember, we are in a living relationship with YHVH, your steps could change or differ. These are just to help you get going. In another post, I will explain how you can pray engaging the Hebrew letters.

From next week we start to engage the Hebrew letter Aleph א




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