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If you are new to this Journey with the Hebrew letters, i want to encourage you to read the preceding blogs to catch up and give you a better foundation. If this is a new journey for you, you are still at the right place. You might not get or understand everything, just keep moving forward. 1% is 1% you never had.


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Just a thought on the Hebrew letters before we go on. Remember that the letters unveil levels of consciousness or awareness. They are keys that unlock. If you had to picture Jesus as a building, that building has different floors, and each floor has a row of rooms. The Letters are the floors (dimensions) that take you deeper into this building, unlocking the rooms (realms) to experience and release the potential and purpose of the building (Jesus).

Wow…we have passed the halfway mark with our journey on the Hebrew letters, and I am having the time of my life. Every step is a new engagement with a new realm unfolding before and in me.

Lamed is the 12th letter in the AlephBeyt with a numerical value of 30. From a grammatical view, Lamed as a prefix means – to, unto, into, toward, with, within… among others. As a prefix, there’s definitely a sense of leaning into. The dictionary describes ‘leanin’ as the action of bending from a vertical position, to rest against or lean on for support. Now just think about the design of LAMED and how it fits in with the above description. LAMED למד as a word means to ‘learn, study, familiarise, or to teach’. Based on this description, I can see how closely LAMED works with the 7 Spirits of God. 

A key word that starts with ל is ‘heart’ לב (Lev):

It is not just about learning, but a process of our hearts being aligned with the heart of YHVH. There is a divine reason for the spelling of LEV לב. LAMED teaches us a divine positioning of the Father’s heart to manifest and release through His sons as a BEYT ב, the temple. We can have all the abilities and powers, but if we execute our position as a temple without love, a divine manifestation of the heart of Yahweh, we will become focused on our own desires and plans and lose sight of Him in us.

Ephesians 1:17 NIV

I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better.

LAMED as a teacher has a close relationship with a spirit of Wisdom and Revelation. There is a try unity between these 3 that creates a door to engage the infinite realms of the knowledge and insights of Yahweh. You want to know intimate secrets of YHVH? Then you engage these 3 together…. should you surface alive after that engagement… you will have amazing things to share. You see, when your spirit opens up through ל, in other words, your spirit man extends as ל is the tallest Hebrew letter, you are stretched even further as a VAV, to receive and manifest the impossible. ל extends your spirit man to align its self up to perfect knowledge and revelation. Do you realise what that means?

ל doesn’t just enable you WITH the knowledge of YHVH, but enables you TO BE THE KNOWLEDGE OF YHVH. We won’t just know intimate secrets but YOU BECOME THE INTIMATE SECRETS….woooohoooo, drop that mic baby because there are new sons coming to this town.

LAMED’s goal isn’t so we can graduate from something, but that whatever we pursue and lean into we become. To embrace the heart of that which captures our attention… Yeshua. LAMED acts as the DNA strand of the Knowledge of YHVH. That DNA positioned in us and connects you to an unending supply flowing from above… your divine channel.

The numerical value for LEV (heart) is 32. There are 32 pathways of wisdom. ל teaches those pathways to mature within our heart so we may manifest as a ב, the creation paths so creation can fulfill its purpose. More than ever have I realized that LAMED is a crucial letter in Heaven’s Academy. This is important to know… that ל might not always reveal secrets, but how to access those secrets and mysteries, for therein lies the maturity process… the BECOMING rather than just the KNOWING. The Tree of Life lives within us, engaging those pathways ignites the manifestation of an unknowable, unsearchable God. The inconceivable will find its expression in you. As ל stands tall like a tree, so it brings together the fruit and abundance of the Tree of Life.

The first time ל appears as a word is in:

Deuteronomy 4:1 NIV

Now, Israel, hear the decrees and laws I am about to teach you. Follow them so that you may live and may go in and take possession of the land the Lord, the God of your ancestors, is giving you.

The focus of the scripture is on being taught, so you may go IN and take POSSESSION of your INHERITANCE. Pretty cool stuff, if I may say. You will see below that the Hebrew word for ‘Tongue’ also starts with ל. To take possession of your land, your tongue… what you speak needs to align with what ל teaches you. In order to BE, your words need to reflect that reality. The starting point of releasing that inheritance is with your tongue… the right frequency entangles with the revelation to give it manifestation.

Words with ל:

Flame – להבה

Lion – לביא

Tongue – לשון

Tablets – לוחות

The angel of ל is ‘Lahaviel’ להביאל

Lahaviel is associated with fire and purification

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