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If you are new to this Journey with the Hebrew letters, i want to encourage you to read the preceding blogs to catch up and give you a better foundation. If this is a new journey for you, you are still at the right place. You might not get or understand everything, just keep moving forward. 1% is 1% you never had.


Into to the Hebrew letters, Intro to Aleph, Intro to Beyt, Intro to Gimmel, Intro to Dalet, Intro Hey.

Intro to VAV, Intro to Zayin






It is impossible to speak about this amazing letter without referencing the Spirit of Wisdom.  The Hebrew word for Wisdom, חכמה starts with CHETח and for good reason. CHET is the 8th letter in the AlephBeyt & carries the same numerical value. 

CHET is just one of those letters that have so many facets,  you can meditate,  ponder  and CSI  this beautiful Hebrew letter into eternity. 

CHET is spelt חית, and its literal meaning is a ‘tent wall’ or ‘fence.

When I look at the construction of CHET, and there are a couple of viewpoints, it is a VAVו fitting into a RESHר. I drew it into the picture at the start. The reason I like this particular construction is that it resonates the following scripture from the apocrypha.

Sirach 14:20-27

Happy is the person who meditates on wisdom and reasons intelligently, who reflects in his heart on her ways and ponders her secrets, pursuing her like a hunter, and lying in wait on her paths; who peers through her windows and listens at her doors; who camps near her house and fastens his tent peg to her walls; who pitches his tent near her, and so occupies an excellent lodging place; who places his children under her shelter, and lodges under her boughs; who is sheltered by her from the heat, and dwells in the midst of her glory.

We’ve now learnt VAV  is a tent peg,  and you as a son of God are the VAV, the number 6.  As the scripture above shows, man fastens like a tent, his peg to the walls of Wisdom or CHET.  So when we as the VAV,  step into RESH,  which is the chief and original intent, we form CHET. Our Focus won’t be on RESH  at this stage,  but just meditate on the thought, just like we are part of the name of Yahweh,  so also are we shaped into Wisdom or CHET. 

I get so annoyed when people speak about other intelligent life out there,  or life more intelligent than we are.  We are meant to be the living embodiment of CHET. Can you fathom that, the truth,  there is no created being out there more intelligent and wise than you, and it makes perfect sense. As a son of God, His offspring and creation,  we are like Him. The more I meditated on ח,  it was clear this letter reminds me of the potential grafted in my DNA. I AM THE DNA OF WISDOM. If I connect the above and below,  and it finds its expression in and through me,  I am the DNA ladder of YHVH. My goodness, drop that mic and have a coffee cause this is awesome.

Another reason why I buy into the combination of VAV that fits into RESH to form CHET is because of their respective numerical values: 

RESH + VAV = 200 + 6 = 206 = 2+6 = 8 which is CHET

The pillar of Chet provides the doorway for man to discover the mystery and secrets of creation in the beginning as it creates the opening or space between the upper and lower waters, providing a portal of engagement. 

When I step into CHET,  I step Into darkness,  the place where nothing exists because nothing can express a God of such depth with wisdom, intimacy and revelation.

ח Is that place where we engage the beyond of the beyond of who God is, like the Star Trek movies, to go where no man has gone before.

It’s an intense intimacy fusing the wisdom and intelligence of YHVH into our DNA. ח says there’s nothing in the darkness that has the ability to express God, except for us… is that sinking in for you. I really want this pegged in your spirit.  Stop settling for rubbish,  stop settling for second-best.  Out of anything and everything that could and has been created, and will still be created,  God chose you. Through Christ who is in us,  to express Him that is inexpressible, when nothing else can.  We are His DNA. 

You see what CHET does; it restores into your DNA the memory of who you were and are before anything was created. Here’s something to fry your noodle… are we really created beings? When our bodies were created, and God breathed His breath into man, did the breath contain our existence, who we were already IN HIM… you can meditate on that.

Let’s ponder on its numerical value for a moment:

The number eight also represents the infinity sign. Everything from the past to the present and the future comes together in CHET. It perfectly positions you to be completely in control of what has already happened,  to what is happening,  and what’s going to happen. It is a cocreators position. It is so important to grasp this.  When we move on from our position as a ZAYIN which is the 7th letter and also represents rest, from 8 we start to create, cause everything we do comes from the position of rest, and it’s done for us.

The double up number for 8 is 4. 4 + 4 = 8. 4 is DALET which we’ve already covered and is a door. So CHET as 8 is a double door, unlimited access to both secrets and mysteries from the beyond. That’s what CHET  does. It enables us to comprehend the darkness, and the beyond is our home.  You might say WHAAAAAATTTTTTT…. I’m telling you,  we have moved in the realm where we will reveal the most profound mysteries and revelations as we soak up the environment of the darkness and beyond,  manifesting it into the physical realm. That’s what makes Wisdom so amazing,  it is the ability to take from the beyond and make it practical with understanding. 

Engaging the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding is imperative with CHET,  because what is hidden within this letter carries a weight of the KAVOT (Glory) and requires proper administration.

Words with CHETח

Joy חדוה

Freedom חופש

Friend חבר

Dream חלוס

Experience חויה

The angel of CHET ח is Haniel חניאל or just angel of CHET





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