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It is my heart to teach the aspects that shift your dial into living a supernatural lifestyle.  As believers and sons of God who are born from above, we should be well acquainted with the above rather than the below.  The more we live and operate from above, the a more supernatural lifestyle we will manifest here on earth. As citizens of Heaven we have access to supernatural pleasures that enhance our experience as Sons and a loving relationship with Yahweh. 




The dictionary describes transcendence as:


Existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level.




News flash…you are not normal…LOL. To strive and be normal is to try and be someone you are not.




To be transcendent is to live and move beyond the boundaries of the physical.  Someone who is transcendent is a person that operates in what is beyond human and defies the physical reality. Technically,  to be transcendent is to live without limits, The impossible becomes possible, The Unseen becomes realised, the unreal becomes real,  not because we pull it down to our level, but because we’ve learnt to raise how we operate on a different frequency. That access is given through the body and the blood of Jesus Christ,  the cross is a doorway to a transcendent lifestyle. The question is – do we live like that?




In previous posts we have spoken about interacting with the angelic realm,  communicating with your Guardian Angel, meditation, opening up your pineal gland for spiritual seeing.  These are all keys to living a transcendent life. It is of course but a drop in the ocean, but if we do not practice these keys,  we are not gonna unlock much of the spirit realm. Some topics might be controversial, but I want to encourage you as a son of God to take back your inheritance,  because the new age movement and the occult have been squatting on it.




I for one believe that prayer should be the most Mystical Experience of anything else because it’s our Union and Communion with our father. 


Paul for good reason said that he prays without ceasing. I don’t think he meant he was a constant chatter box with Father, but that he learnt to live in a transcendent state, it became a life style. That level of intimacy should manifest, to its highest degree, an explosion of ecstasy both in our spirit, the soul and our body, resulting in an uncontrollable addiction of wanting more. In this blog I want to touch on how to experience this type of ecstasy in your prayer life.


We consider the word Rapture with end time events,  which is not biblically correct in any case.


But to be raptured is to constantly live in a state of being captured body, soul and Spirit by the Heavenly realm. 


There should be no above and below, as anything that is above or below is within you. If the kingdom of God is within you, then every resource available for a heavenly experience lies within you waiting to be engaged and released. 


There is a particular mystic that lived such a  transcendent lifestyle and her name was Teresa of Avila. A fellow nun called Anne  witnessed that, while she was in the choir waiting, Teresa entered and started to pray.  During her praying she started to lift off the ground about a half a foot with no part of her body touching the ground.  Teresa was shaking while this experience occurred, and Anne moved towards her waving her hand underneath the body of Teresa, witnessing that she was up in the air levitating.  During that moment she started crying for more than an half an hour as she was experiencing the ecstasy that Teresa was under.


 I know for some that the word levitating could be an offensive word,  but come on, let’s be honest, when we tap into the supernatural realm , the supernatural will start to defy the physical and the spirit will become more tangible and experiential. The spirit overwhelms the physical.


Let’s consider some of these stages in prayer.  For some there might be more, but for now we’ll just focus on these. 




  1. Positioning




This is where we focus on centring ourselves,  positioning our body, soul and spirit to be aligned with the Holy Spirit. Here we will deal with our thought life, distractions and stressors that are diverting attention and clogging our minds. It is here that we cast our cares and burdens unto Him,  taking the yoke off our shoulders because his burden is easy and light.  




Matt 11:30




 To position yourself is to make sure you do not go into the inner sanctuary with guilt and condemnation.  Deal with your junk so you can move forward with a clear conscience and an open spirit. I always start off with communion,  because with Communion you are confronted with your issues and concerns you are carrying in your heart that need to be dealt with.  Aligning yourself with the body and the blood of Jesus is an important part of positioning as your DNA entangles with the DNA of Christ.  Because the blood of Jesus speaks, during Communion a frequency is released into your body that raises your awareness and union with Christ. The positioning phase is where you deal with yourself before you move on to anything outside of yourself. Remember, it’s not YOUR finished work that gets you to experience the inner sanctuary, but the finished work of the cross.



 2. Meditation




Many are familiar with meditation, and we also did a blog,  it is here that we start to fix our mind and emotion on the events in the throne room. I don’t like to talk about the things above,  because to say above you are implying that you are not there when you are. Meditation is that process of manifesting the reality of where you’re at,  you and Christ are one. Engaging throne room reality. To contemplate is to focus your thought life and attention on something specific. It is here that you start to engage your spiritual senses to experience the supernatural.  Chanting is an important part for me during meditation. I would speak and vibrate the name of Yahweh, YOD – HEY – VAV – HEY over and over until I can experience in my physical body a spiritual transformation busy happening. Open up your spiritual senses to start to engage spiritual experiences,  your spiritual eyes observing, allowing your imagination to build your spiritual seeing. Breathing is another important part of meditation. Using your diaphragm to breathe, ignore your lungs, and breathe as if you scoop the air up from the bottom from your diaphragm, lifting it up through your body and releasing through your mouth.  Focusing on that circular motion, cuz simultaneously, this style of breathing also helps activate your pineal gland which aids in your spiritual eye.


Meditation recalibrates your spirit to be sensitive to the spirit realm.


Meditation is a personalised experience, the more you practice it, the more you will fine-tune and mature in engaging the spirit realm. During meditation, you should get a heightened experience of God as well as the Angelic Realms. Meditation  is generally a quiet place of visualising, perceiving as well as listening. Meditation is a wonderful phase and you can linger here for as long as you like. I often get drunk in this phase as I’ve asked and drank from his presence and my body just gets overwhelmed by the magnificence of the presence of Yahweh. From here it usually flows into the next stage of oneness with Him.



 3. Oneness




In this phase the reality of time space no longer exists as we are caught up in a glory state of being overwhelmed with His presence.

It is as if the pursuer has become the pursued and there is an intertwining of ecstasy and emotion between you and the Father that no dictionary can explain.  The awareness of being in his presence and the throne room far exceeds any other external experience as it completely fades into the distance. When you are in the state of oneness, engaging the Heavenly hosts or any other angelic being is of no importance. No vision or dream can even remotely compare to this experience of oneness with Jesus. Be careful that pursuing what you can see or hear, or the receiving of Revelations, can distract you from the awesome and glorious experience of oneness with Christ, it doesn’t mean you don’t get them,  but they shouldn’t distract you from the current experience. Learn to embrace the experience. It is important to note the value of pursuing the lover of our soul and not striving. Pursuit is about surrendering and enjoying the glory train of the spirit of YHVH as He leads and takes you into the realms of ecstasy. Striving is goal orientated. It tells you unless you don’t feel a certain way, or experience something specific, then you didn’t accomplish a goal. The goal is to surrender and allow the Breath to take you to and fro. Though we do seek a physical manifestation, faith remains the basis from where we operate.



 4. Ecstacy




A state of ecstasy is to be completely raptured and enraptured by the Divine presence. It is where the bliss of His presence and the honey of his sweetness converge with the joy of his wine.

It is that place where the priests were overwhelmed by the glory cloud of Yahweh,  that they weren’t able to perform their duties. Though the Bible does not necessarily expand on the priest experiences, it is highly likely that they entered into a complete drunken state, like a drug addict, that their physical bodies completely gave in to the overwhelming intensity of the glory  that they lay their completely incapacitated as their flesh completely clutched out under such intense divinity. I believe with all my heart, soul & body, this is the stage that Father constantly wants us to operate in. Of course, it doesn’t mean that we will be in a permanent state of being incapacitated and lying on the carpet at work,  but that our bodies are used to live and have accustomed to operate in a state of ecstasy. Someone touches you that the state of ecstasy leaves a residue on their hands, that God is so tangible that your presence changes the atmosphere wherever you go…. Tangibility. 




Can you experience the stages interchangeably?  Of course, you can. I put out four stages, they are not processes,  rather phases to be recognised and engaged. Engaging the presence of God is not a matter of performance rather of surrender. Striving for any of the above will lead to the flesh trying to accomplish something when it is rather a surrender of the spirit.  Allow the Holy Spirit to do what he wants to do rather than believing you need to accomplish something during this style of prayer. You may find that you intercede and pray for others more during the positioning phase than the oneness phase, there is no right or wrong.  I am merely highlighting phases for you to focus and engage to increase your experience of ecstasy in prayer.


Hear my heart when I say,  and it might not be popular with some,  but hey, this ain’t no popularity contest. 

I believe our longing for Jesus’ return will slowly diminish, the more we experience the ecstasy of his current presence,  because the longing for His return will no longer make sense when I am constantly enraptured with the bliss and ecstasy of Him in my present state. 

The more you engage the discipline, the weightier throne room experiences become, the more addictive it is you never leave. Could this be the state Enoch, Elijah & Elisha were well acquainted with. A cataclysmic rapture of your spirit results in a volcanic eruption in your flesh, that your body follows where your spirit is. May you continue to drink from the fountain of His bliss & continue to live in a state of complete rapture.






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