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BELOW IS A WORD I RELEASED ON RESURECTION SUNDAY. WITH MANY REQUESTS I DECIDED TO RELEASE IT AS A BLOG. At the end is the unedited video of the word. There are some inbetweens that weren’t in the written word, so it will be worth the watch. I TRUST IT STIRS YOUR SPIRIT



 As I was preparing for Passover and Resurrection Sunday, I had such a strong stirring in my spirit that, YHVH said, look into my scroll. I want to reveal and release the next from My scroll. As I was meditating on what the LORD was telling me, it was like all the sudden I stepped through the scroll of the Lord into the Counsel of God. I felt an extreme reverence and the Fear of the Lord as I moved into this council room. I saw Yahweh engage with Wisdom and Revelation with great intensity. I got the sense that the same way Wisdom was partnering with Yahweh during creation, it was the same at this moment and I could sense that something significant was being put together for release. 




Something happened that I didn’t expect, when I walked into the room, the council stood up to greet and honour me. I got the sense it wasn’t necessarily about me personally, but the anticipation of the sons of God being involved in the council. Again I could sense tremendous humility and the Fear of the Lord in this place. When I walked into the council of Yahweh, I realised I had a robe around me which signified royalty. The council greeted me like they were expecting me. 




I saw a great and Mighty Angel standing in the room with the Scroll of the Lord in his hand. It was a huge scroll vibrating with life. Colours were flowing from its pages, the letters were alive. I saw what looked like blueprints on top of a sapphire blue table. The table was like an extension of the Throne. The blueprints were taken from the scroll. There were other sons of God in the council room, however, there were chairs that were empty. I then realised they weren’t chairs but thrones. My father looked at me and greeted me with excitement, a sense of pride his sons were in the room. Father called me over and said ‘come look here’. As I moved towards Him, He rolled open a blueprint taken from His scroll. What would appear a 3D  hologram opened up. ‘Step in’, He said. As I stepped into this hologram, it was like stepping into a time machine. I immediately noticed the blueprints or plans weren’t completed and that there were sections that are missing. ‘What happens here is up to you’, Father said. You need to create with Me. 




As I stepped into the hologram, I clearly stepped into a piece of the scroll of the Lord. There were a significant activity within the scroll. I saw four Angels positioned at the four corners of the Earth. I had a sense that they were significant gatekeepers responsible for facilitating this particular scroll. They didn’t have the scroll in their hands, but it was emanating from them as spirit beings. They were part of the scroll. I noted them arcing one across the other as they were releasing from their spirit, this scroll over the Earth. From this particular scroll smaller ones were being dispersed across the Earth for engagement. But as these scrolls were flying around to their destinations, I noticed there were other false scrolls as well. That during this time the enemy was playing copycat, trying to distract the sons of God from the genuine and authentic scrolls. He was trying to divert their attention to information away from revelation. As I watched this, Father said to me, ‘I’m releasing a spirit of discernment in this time’. The Sons have been looking into these scrolls, they are not my divine purpose, but are distractions from the enemy. My sons need to engage with Revelation, not information. Scrolls were dispatched, not only over regions, but over every household. Some households opened up their scrolls, others didn’t and chose to engage with the enemies’ false scrolls. As the sons engaged with these false scrolls, they opened themselves up to great misery and destruction. My father told me that you need to discern the time.




Those who engage the authentic scrolls increased with sovereign authority. They would be like a volcano bursting open and a mountain forming. On top of this mountain was like a lava coming up from beneath. A diamond emerged to the top of the mountain. The Sons radiated the Glory of the Lord. This diamond released different colours and frequencies into the area where they were situated. I got the sense that my Father was maturing the Temple within each son.

Those who engaged the scroll of the Lord, were seekers of intimacy with the Lord and are of great priority. They operated from the inner chamber.

The supernatural ability of Yahweh was being manifested in and through each household in significant and unprecedented ways. ‘Rule and reign’ I heard. ‘Where I have placed you is your Throne’. It is your territory. I noticed a frequency and vibration being released from all these scrolls across the globe, the release of a great awakening.


 I started to realise that my Father was busy restoring and releasing. There was tremendous significance and power within every family. I was very aware of significant restoration of the priesthood within each family. Each household engaged with a scroll and the angelic realms released with each scroll. I see families operating in the supernatural power of God that has never been released upon the earth before. 




Storehouses were being strategically positioned over regions and over households. There were mostly Angels in charge over these regions, but they were only standing in for the sons of God to hand over as they matured. 




I asked Father again about the unfinished sections in the scroll. He said to me it is up to the sons of God to complete it. I want you to create with Me. 


Learn to engage with the council. With Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding. That robe around you gives you the authority. It is time for you to execute that authority I have given you. It is time to execute from this position I’ve given you.




As these scrolls globally over households were being opened and engaged, they released a one new sound across the earth. I witnessed within each household the reality of the supernatural manifested with greatness. Within each of these storehouses positioned over regions and households, were filled with every resource available for the sons of God to operate from, releasing the supernatural into the natural.


The storehouses were important cause the sons can only govern what they can access and engage.


I see the circumstances surrounding deteriorating to such an extent that those who have opened their scrolls, and engaged their storehouses become a light in the city, a tower of hope for those around them. I see people coming to these households to experience the supernatural. I see the Lord placing the sons of God in situations that demand the demonstration of the supernatural power of God. I see the sons of God bringing forth something out of nothing operating from a quantum level, co creating with Christ. Households are being provided for supernaturally as they tap into their heavenly vein. Households no longer relied on the physical, but their provision came supernaturally from the Lord. From the store houses situated over them, I see families no longer needing a doctor as they experienced supernatural healing manifested, from the ultimate healer, Jesus Christ. 




The enemy has been attacking the structure and the priesthood of family. In anticipation of this awakening, (the awakening wasn’t the spirit being released but the release of the sons of God), he however has no access into the blueprint in the plan that God has. It will no longer be an act of performing a miracle but being the miracle. The Sons of God, who operate in the supernatural power of God, operate from a position of considerable Fear of the Lord and of utter humility. The storehouse over each household had the likeness of an Oasis. Keys.were being released for the storehouses over each household. Each key is unique and only that household can access that storehouse. It is significant and purposeful to their scroll. Those households who have not learned to operate their key will not experience the full extent of the supernatural the way it was intended. Those who engaged the false scrolls have disabled their keys and storehouses.


The households rising form the gates of Zion formed the mountain of God, Zion. They were not interested in the affairs of the world or the information the world delivers. But they operated step by step with revelations being released from the Throne room. As these scrolls were opened and storerooms engaged, they released a sound and a unity that shifted and controlled atmospheres




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