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 Before we start, if you have not been through the previous two blogs, Intro to the Hebrew Letters and Intro to Aleph, then i’d suggest you first go through them. Their links you’ll find either to the right of this page or at the bottom.


BEYT is special. It is that place where we can experience and manifest the hidden impossibilities of the House of Yahweh . The place God reveals Himself to you.

The Hebrew letter bet means temple or house and is the second letter in the AlephBet. Its numerical value is 2, and distinguishes from what is inside and what is outside. The duality of Two Worlds. Everything we understand and know about Yahweh is from within ב.  Through Beyt God made Himself understandable, also known as the constriction. It is the avenue Yahweh has manifested Himself to His people and have a relationship.

If we look at the meaning of ב,  it signifies a home or a dwelling place where relationship is pursued.

There are over 2000 instances where ב is used in the Old Testament, and over 45 in Genesis alone. It’s said scribes had to take great care when writing the Hebrew letter ב,  it had to appear compose of three connecting VAV’s. Another school of thought composed the ב of 2 letters,  a DALET ד & a VAV ו. Just for interest,  it was common practice that a vertical or leaning line would represent a VAV within the construction of a letter.

The very first Hebrew letter in the Hebrew Bible starts with BEYT. It Appears after ALEPH, signifying creation begins with ב and there was nothing before ב but ALEPH.  Remember from our previous blog, ALEPH represents God without boundaries, without name,  that place of Yahweh being incomprehensible and past finding out. ב takes from א and brings it into the house to make it searchable. Before ב there was nothing except GOD.

It is a sobering thought to realise what we know of Yahweh is but a drop in an endless Ocean. YHVH through ב made Himself knowable and searchable,  and even that which is searchable, is but an infinitesimal speck in an ever-growing Galaxy of Yahweh’s sovereignty. That drop is ב.

When you observe the construction of ב, you’ll notice the horizontal line extends past the vertical to the right. For me it signifies ב bringing from א into the temple for manifestation. 


John 14:2 NIV
My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?


ב is the beginning of destiny. It is that place we engage with Yahweh to discover new realms and dimensions in His house.  As sons we possess the keys to the house,  and it allows us to go wherever Father moves. It is from within ב we release our capabilities as sons of God to co-create with Christ. I just love that word ‘CO CREATE’.
 You know the phrase ‘home is where the heart is’.  In the Hebrew word for love אהבה,  both א and ב  appear because it is within ב, the house that God makes his love manifest to us as sons.

The root word for BEYT is בית. Its numerical value is 412, TAV = 400, YUD = 10, BEYT = 2.
Another Hebrew word with the same value is Ta’awah תאוה. The word speaks of craving, lust, delight, desires. All issues of the heart. ב as a house is a place of the heart and YHVH’s desires manifest to us.
Another word I found to be interesting was ‘Ebyon’ אביונ, which means needy or poor. Now ponder on this Scripture: 


Matthew 5:3 NIV
“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.


Take into consideration that the first two living letters are א ב, so lets take it deeper.

“Blessed are those who are ב (the temple) through whom א manifests, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven and the realities thereof.”

C’mon people, that’s drop the mic stuff.

When our hearts are poor to the things of the world but rich with the love of the Father, we’ll continue to ascend in heavenly encounters.

One way that I look at ב  is a RESH ר  standing on top of a ו VAV lying horizontal.  So it is in humility and being poor in spirit that ב shows us the original intent on our scrolls.

The Zohar teachers that when Moses asked to see the glory of God, YHVH showed him His back,  but was open on the other side to reveal to Moses,  signifying ב. BEYT reveals the hidden things, the unsearchable made searchable. Through Christ, we engage a lot more than what Moses could. When we look at the numerical values of RESH + VAV = 206 = 8. 8 is the Hebrew letter CHET ח. ח represents wisdom among other things. By engaging ב, we engage the original intent on our scrolls compassed by wisdom before creation.

So when we engage with ב, we need to connect with wisdom as she was at YHVH’s side compassing your destiny.

Another way I ponder on its construction is the vertical line (VAV), connecting the two horizontal lines representing the upper and the lower waters. Through ב, YHVH destined for the secrets and mysteries of His Kingdom to connect and explode with manifestation within VAV i.e. man, YOU. For me as the temple, I have the keys to engage and connect with the secrets and mysteries, that through ב I have access to the revelation of that which is outside of ב, the unsearchable and unknowable.

Is it sinking in… ב is the place inside so we can receive what’s outside… the incomprehensible… it’s pretty incredible. So ב is the drop that dips us into that endless ocean. I like a quote from Bill Johnson where he says the Bible doesn’t contain Jesus but reveals Him. There is so much insight into the mysteries of the Kingdom Yahweh wants to share with His sons to enable them to release and grow into their Elohim status. YES… your ELOHIM status… get used to that phrase. There’s a reason ב has a gap which hints creation is not complete, but left for the sons to co-create with Yeshua. Hence why creation waits for the revelation of the sons of God, cause as ב, they contain the fulfilment of creation.

Another awesome word to meditate is ‘Bara’ ברא.  It means to create. רא means light. ב is house or temple, so through ב we house the light frequency and vibration of the image of YHVH. Just think about that.  What a privilege God chose you as the meeting place where the frequency and vibration of His light explodes into volcanic eruptions in your spirit to manifest the love, passion and desire of who He is towards you. When you open your mouth (the open side of ב) the light of YHVH emanates from within in you into that which you speak. That is so amazing as ב, whenever you speak, it is the frequency of the Godhead released from within you to create.


Can I Say this? Yes, I’m going to say it. It might be naughty but whatever…… when you discover, through the living letters, who and what you are in Him and the power you possess, you will be far less consumed with warfare and more focused on co-creating. Many times in ‘warfare’ we engage the enemies PLOT, but when we co-create, we engage with YHVH’s PLAN.


One thing has become very apparent to me.  Just like the living letters are emanations and represent something about Yahweh,  so it is representing something about us.  It is very humbling to realise as much as God is in the letters,  so He also destined for YOU to be in them. That stirs so much humility and awe, what an awesome GOD we serve.

Ok,  I think I need to bring this to a close or I will leave nothing for you to discover.

Here are some special words to ponder on with ב:
Blessing  ברכה
Immortal בן אלמות
Creation בריאה
Nothingness בלימה
Son בן
Understanding בינה

To bring it to a close, ב  represents that which contains all the Essence of what is unseen.  The place where the invisible manifests visibly.  All that is unreachable becomes reachable. It is the heart that beats with א and resonates, the frequency and vibration of the light of Yahweh. I’ve come to know the angel of א is AVIEL, the angel of ב is BENIEL. I’m cautious to say ‘IS’, cause Yahweh can show you something different regarding each angel. We’ll focus on them during the activations.


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