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“Man’s mind,  once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

If the Hebrew letters are not familiar to you,  I hope the following post will stir your spirit to engage in something, I believe, will exponentially expand your spirit and release new realms of engagement.

Isaiah 7:11 YLT
Ask for thee a sign from Jehovah thy God, make deep the request, or make it high upwards.’

I am briefly going to share with you why I believe it is something you should immerse and integrate into your spiritual journey in Jesus Christ.

Since my introduction to the Hebrew letters,  my spiritual life has taken a significant upward Curve.  From knowing something to be a language, to learn that the Hebrew letters were alive. Each letter is a living, vibration and emanation of who God is.  It unlocks the realms, dimensions and mysteries of our oneness in Christ, and Christ in the US who is the Word. Not only has my relationship been completely transformed, but my prayer life has taken on a whole new level of Engagement.  I’ve learnt that through the Hebrew letters I can apprehend what’s in the spirit realm and release it in the physical realm. The Hebrew letters have become part of my tools for co-creating in Christ. Every letter raptures me into realms and dimensions in YHVH that has me lost in translation.

Just like your DNA carries the genetic code of who you are, so the Hebrew letters carry the genetic code of the universe.

The Torah was God’s written word to Moses,  the Talmud, was God’s spoken word to Moses. In the Talmud it describes that God, through the Hebrew letters, created what we now know as creation.  Psalm 33:6 “by the word of the Lord were the heavens made”. For some this may possibly be dated news, for others it could be totally new… but think about it,  Jesus is the Word, the Word, i.e scripture is made up of the Hebrew language. Scripture is very clear that everything finds its existence in and through the Word who is Jesus. We of course know that the New Testament was written in Greek,  however Jesus spoke in Hebrew. Though the New Testament speaks of the Alpha and Omega, Jesus said he was the ALEPH and the TAV, the beginning and the end. The Rabbis were thorough in translating the Hebrew Bible not to reposition or move any of the Hebrew letters.  Each letter was specifically written and its order was not to be tampered with. If the letters were moved, their meanings would change. Consider the tablets with the Ten Commandments on. The tablets were grafted from the Throne of God and were therefore made of sapphire stone. On these tablets God wrote with His finger (Exodus 31:18)…so let’s just stop there. When you write,  you are literally taking something that is within you and bringing it forth on paper, shaping something that was hidden inside of you visible and understandable. That is exactly what God did. The Hebrew letters reveal and are connected to the deep mysteries and Revelations hidden within the supernal realm of his presence. If Jesus is the word, and the word is a person, well, then,  you know what the Hebrew letters are… they are alive. The Word of God is a cosmic code that plunges you into the depths of His glory, revealing His handiwork and the expanse of his heart towards man, a love relationship that has no bounds and is as intoxicating as a first kiss lived in repeat.

How to engage in the Hebrew letters

Something that I have done which has aided me in engaging the letter,  was creating flashcards. I printed each of the letters on an A4 paper and had it laminated.  It helps me to visualise and structure what I am praying into. I’m hoping in due course to create custom-made flash cards and have them up for sale, should you be interested.  I’ll keep you up-to-date on that one.

Step 1. I always start my spiritual engagements with meditation first. Breathing and still my mind, unlocking awareness and bringing my body in line with my soul, my soul with my spirit, and my spirit with the Holy Spirit. Speak it out. I aim for that sweet spot in the spirit where you can feel or sense divine alignment. Remember that we do operate by faith & not by feelings alone. Generally, meditation continues between the steps, it’s the foundation of the process. Let’s just be clear on one thing, Jesus is the gate, there is no other, any engagement outside of Him is demonic. The aim of engaging the letters is to know Him & His ways. I will release a write up to give more clarity on how to meditate

Step 2. Engage your imagination, it is the bridge between the physical into the spiritual. a sanctified imagination is purposed to engage throne room realities. Imprint the letter in your subconscious mind. The practice of drawing the letter can help. You do not Have to be dogmatic about the steps they can be intertwined into one another.

Step 3. What are the visions or pictures forming in your mind. Write them down. I would get a journal just for the Hebrew letters so you can keep a record of what the Father is showing with each letter. Your mind is the canvas on which He will paint his heart.

These are basic steps, but always remember, we are in a living relationship with YHVH, your steps could change or differ. These are just to help you get going. In another post I will explain how you can pray engaging the Hebrew letters.

Copyright January 28, 2020 – THRONE ROOM MYSTIC Ministries

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