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Pineal gland

Matthew 6:22 NIV

“The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.

The pineal gland is a small, pinecone shaped, endocrine gland located at the geometric center of our brains. It produces melatonin and is linked to our body’s perception of light, affecting the modulation of our sleep and wake patterns and seasonal functions. Uniquely, the pineal gland is not isolated from the body by the blood-brain barrier system. Apart from the kidneys, it receives the highest blood flow percentage than any other area of the body. It is considered by many to be the connecting link between the physical and spiritual worlds, or our biological “third eye”.

Why is the pineal gland commonly referred to as one’s third eye? Rene Descartes, a French philosopher, mathematician and writer, pointed out that the pineal gland is the point of connection between the body and the intellect. He believed that the pineal gland is the one part of the body where the soul exercises its functions more particularly than any other part. He viewed the gland as the principle seat of the soul and the place in which all of our thoughts are formed. His reasoning is because we only see one thing with two eyes and hear one voice with two ears, it means that the impressions that enter our ears and eyes must unite in some part of the body before being considered by the soul, and that place is the pineal gland because it is the only part of the brain that is not double. Several scientists have independently made a hypothesis that the pineal gland is a phylogenic relic, a vestige of a dorsal third eye.

A study published in Experimental Eye Research reveals that “the presence of proteins in the pineal gland which are morally involved in light sensing in the retina, raises the possibility that direct photic events may occur in the mammalian pineal gland.”

The pineal gland has characteristics very similar to our actual eyes. Its mysterious functions have been studied for centuries and it is thought by some to be our connection to the spiritual world. Its pinecone symbolism has been depicted in artwork from many different countries/civilizations. Everyone’s third eye is already active but most people do not know how to control it. It can be activated by anyone through deep meditation and energy healing techniques. Even just allowing your eyes to absorb more sunlight stimulates the pineal gland. It is each person’s own decision whether or not they want to open their third eye and see for themselves why this mysterious organ has been depicted throughout history.

In advanced studies of brain scans,  it has been observed as we move beyond the consciousness of this world we tap into frequencies that carry information beyond the vibrations of matter and the speed of light.  When your brain experiences and increasing energy, your consciousness and awareness increases. As you connect the deeper, the energy in the brain increases, which in turn releases specific thoughts and imagery. When we meditate we are able to engage and experience that which does not involve our physical senses,  how is that possible?

Stages of consciousness,

1. Wakefulness that’s when we are aware,

2. Sleep that’s when we are unconscious,

3. Dreaming which is an altered state of consciousness, transcendental moments of consciousness which are beyond our understanding of reality. Melatonin plays a significant role in transcendental consciousness. Joe Dispenza calls it the dreaming neurotransmitter. Neuro transmitters communicate information between nerve cells.  Serotonin wakes up your body to start functioning, your brain starts focusing on the outer environment. As Night Falls, the pineal gland transmutes serotonin into melatonin, which is the nighttime neurotransmitter, this slows down your brain, your alpha waves, and your attention is turned to your inner world as opposed to your outer world. Melatonin induces the dream state.

The pineal gland is responsible for turning serotonin into melatonin.

The production of melatonin is at its highest between 1 and 4 a.m. Adrenaline and melatonin have an inverse relationship.  When your adrenaline (a stress hormone) is high, your melatonin is low there for you struggle to fall asleep. In our last blog we spoke about our DNA,  and melatonin promotes DNA repair and replication.

The pineal gland operates like an antenna,  it can be electrically activated, which generates electromagnetic fields that can tune into information. It connects to frequency and frequency, carries information,  and that information is converted into a message, like a TV signal, which interprets into a picture. The pineal gland is capable of receiving and converting signals within the brain. It picks up signals in a higher dimension of time and space. Your pineal gland tunes into a higher dimension. When engaged like a TV,  it turns those frequencies into imagery and transcendental experiences in our mind.

The pineal gland enables you to be multi-dimensional.

 In your pineal gland you have stacked crystals which generate and electric charge releasing signals.  When we meditate especially by breathing we release cerebrospinal fluid up our spine against the pineal gland.  This releases an electrical charge which in turn releases frequency in your pineal gland. By breathing in and squeezing out intrinsic muscles we release that spinal fluid into the brain. Now at the end of your pineal gland are tiny hairs called cilia which are ‘eyelashes’.  The breathing action process accelerates the fluid moving faster and it tickles the tiny hairs and in turn over stimulates the pineal gland. This process causes the gland to release upgraded melatonin into the brain which allows the gland to start having a transcendental experience,  in other words engaging higher dimensions. Breathing is important because it activates communication between the body and your brain and vice a versa. By practising this you are releasing the creative ability of your pineal gland to serve as an antenna, picking up information from realms and dimensions beyond matter, time and space.  It no longer comes from your external sensors, but from the quantum field, hence engaging your third eye, the pineal gland. As your pineal gland is being awakened through the higher frequencies, it starts to alter the melatonin. A higher frequency creates a higher alteration, that’s where you engage your mystical experiences, you are starting to open the door to higher dimensions and realms in the spirit.  Higher frequencies create higher states of consciousness.

Joe Dispenza has this definition of the pineal gland:  it is a crystalline superconductor that sends, as well as receives, information through the transaction of energetic vibrational signals, frequency beyond the senses, also known as the quantum field, and translates it into biological tissue, i.e the brain and the mind in meaningful imagery, the same way as an antenna translates different channels onto a TV screen.

You want to increase your frequency,  it is the difference between a VHS tape and a DVD,  a DVD and Blu-ray, and from Blu-ray to 4k. Each higher frequency translates into a more immersive experience. Higher-energy create higher consciousness which in turn is greater awareness which broadens your experience and the reality of it.

When you do your breathing remember, attention is where energy is and energy is where attention is, so when you breathe always visualise,  because simultaneously you are also creating.

The best time to meditate is between 1 and 4 a.m, it is when melatonin levels are at their height.

Genesis 32:30 NIV

So Jacob called the place Peniel, saying, “It is because I saw God face to face, and yet my life was spared.”

Dictionary of Biblical Languages with Semantic Domains: Hebrew (Old Testament) 7157 פִּנָּה

7157 פִּנָּה (pin·nā(h)): n.fem.; ≡ Str 6434


Lexham Analytical Lexicon of the Hebrew Bible פְּנִיאֵל 2

pĕnîʾēl 2, n.p., Peniel – means place, and derivatives mean appearance or Face of God. It also means a Corner gate, an entrance area, point where two converging lines, edges or sides meet


How amazing, that your pineal gland serves as that place where you come face to face with God experiencing a convergance between the natural and the Supernatural

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