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Ascension,Immortality,New Creation being

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Join our session on Wednesday as we discuss pursuing a lifestyle of IMMORTALITY.

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Gathering of Immortals 28/09/2022

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Topic: TRM – Gathering of Immortals
Time: Sep 28, 2022 07:30 PM Johannesburg

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Meeting ID: 883 5279 7654

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ASCENSION Group details below – Ascensions are recorded and available on the TRM YouTube channel

Join our group on Wednesday evening as we engage in an activation and practical how to. Our group meets in the evening South African time 19:30 (+2 GMT).  


NZ – Auckland 5:30 am (Thursday)
AUS – Perth 1:30am (Thursday)
AUS – Brisbane 3:30am (Thursday)
CHINA – Beijing 1:30am (Thursday)
UK – London 6:30pm
SWITZERLAND – Zurich 7:30pm
CANADA – Calgary 11:30am
US – Los Angeles, Cupertino, Las Vegas 10:30am
US – Denver 11:30am
US – New Orleans, Dallas, Austin, Chicago, Houston 12:30pm
US – Atlanta, Miami, New York, Boston, Charlotte 13:30pm
AFRICA – Lagos 6:30pm

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Ascension,Immortality,New Creation being
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