Mystic realms of divine romance – The Kings Advance

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Mystic Realm of Divine Romance

The Kings Advance

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Mystic Realms of Divine Romance – The Kings advance 

Song of Solomon 5:2-3

2 I slept but my heart was awake. Listen! My beloved is knocking: “Open to me, my sister, my darling, my dove, my flawless one. My head is drenched with dew, my hair with the dampness of the night.” 3 I have taken off my robe— must I put it on again? I have washed my feet— must I soil them again?

TPT vs 4-5

“My beloved reached into me to unlock my heart. The core of my very being trembled at his touch. How my soul melted when he spoke to me! My spirit arose to open for more of his touch. As I surrendered to him, I began to sense his fragrance— the fragrance of his suffering love! It was the sense of Myrrh flowing all through me!”

Read the scripture again. Close your eyes and apply your imagination to the scenario. Feel His hand pierce the walls of your heart, the frequency of His being released through His touched, the fragrance swirling through your spirit.

The intensity of this passage unlocks an ascension building to complete surrender. ‘Surrender’ isn’t just an action, but an embracing and stepping into realms where all control, doubt and hesitation disappears into a dimension of fragrant passion. It is a dimension of His love that pierces every fibre of your being. Living ascended in the mist of His breath translates into complete addiction for His touch. The fragrance of His advance towards you completely numbs all fear and trepidation.

‘Open to Me’. 

There is a call for trust and vulnerability from the heart of Yeshua. The Hebrew word for ‘open’ is פתח. Among others, it has the meaning ‘to conceive’. The realm of intimacy is a place of beckoning, so raw with His intentional love, it will completely unravel any preconceived idea of a love relationship and impregnate your spirit with the bliss and ecstasy of His advances. Are we willing to let go to such an extent that our surrender hands over all power and control that His approach completely possesses our heart, melting spirit with Spirit. 

There’s a crossing in that place. Once the melting activates, the fragrance is unlocked. Through the release of the fragrance, it set an ascension in motion transporting your love gates, aligning an interaction with Yeshua so intense, ecstasy and intoxication becomes average. 

The secret to this realm is His touch. ‘My spirit arose to open for more of His touch’. His touch is the key unlocking the heart’s desire to ascend into the intimacy chambers where love’s conceived… the opening. ‘Touch’ and ‘opening’ are divine actions that release frequency, positioning the desires of the heart to entangle with the fragrance of the King ascending your heart frequencies into a divine love song of entanglement. 

No matter how deep or wide you’ve been before, there is a knock at the love gates of your heart, a charge from the King waiting to transport your intimacy to the next dimension. Question is, will you surrender, will you succumb to reckless abandonment? Will you allow His touch to caress and awaken a love divine?

‘My head is drenched with dew’

This verse speaks of the persistence of her lover, who with patience and endurance, is waiting at the door of the Mystic Realms of Divine Romance, patient for love’s surrender, an opportunity to whisk you into bliss flowing with fragrant Myrrh, sacrificial love.

As a New Creation being, we live ascended in Myrrh. The mystic realms of its fragrance constantly transports and unlocks new depths of surrendered love, a touch that conceives and births love clothed with crimson. A Kainos being lives entangled in the mist of His breath, surrendered to the fragrant currents of His love. You embody that fragrance. When the King knocks, know that Kairos time arrived, a divine moment to entangle with destiny, an opening to ascend into the place of conceiving. 

Activation prayer

As a New Creation being, I position my love gates within the realms of Myrrh. I ascend from within its fragrant currents to activate and entangle with the crimson frequencies of the Blood of Yeshua. I open the realms of my heart to surrender to your divine advance within me. My spirit yearns for your deepest touch, sacrificial love of complete surrender.


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