Living Limitless – Wings of Ascension

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 Wings of Ascension

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Living Limitless – Wings of Ascension

‌Isaiah 40:31 (NIV)

‌But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

‌ Isaiah 40:31 speaks of the mystical journey of waiting on the Lord. But this waiting is not passive; it is an active, dynamic process that invites us into a profound transformation. Let’s embark on this mystical journey together, exploring the depths of waiting and the ascension experiences it unlocks within the presence of יהוה (Yahweh).

‌The Mystical Waiting

‌The Hebrew word for Hope/Wait 7747 I. קָוָה (qā·wā(h))

‌Also means a line for measuring to encircle.

‌ In the original Hebrew, the word used for “wait” (קוה, qavah) carries connotations of hope, anticipation, and a deep, binding connection. That binding connection is an entanglement of ascension. Time alone is insufficient; our hearts must align with יהוה‘s dimensions. This process transcends consciousness, transporting us to timeless realms where ‘waiting’ holds profound significance in expectation and trust. Mystically, this waiting becomes a process where the spirit aligns itself with the Divine rhythm of the breath of Yahweh, detaching from the constraints of the physical to embrace the boundlessness of God’s limitless time.

‌‌This waiting is the first phase of our ascension. It’s where the mystical journey begins, in the quiet depths of the heart, readying itself for the Divine encounter. Here, in the stillness, we learn the art of divine patience, a holy anticipation that purifies our desires and heightens our sensitivity to the subtle movements of the Spirit, entangling with the anticipation and manifestation of ascension… the mounting up. It’s a phase of cocooning where the soul aligns and transforms to express the boundless benefits of the spirit.

‌The Ascension Experiences

‌From this entanglement of waiting emerges the mystical ascension, detailed in the ensuing promises of renewal, soaring, running, and walking without wearying. It is an ascension into the bliss house of ecstasy. Each of these is not just a metaphor for strength; they are stages of spiritual elevation, unlocking depths in our relationship with יהוה.

‌Renewal of Strength:

‌This is the first manifestation of waiting. It is an infusion of divine energy, a spiritual revitalisation that transcends physical bounds. This renewal is a mystical experience that awakens individuals, stirring their dormant capacities for love, wisdom, and power into action. We are being quickened into our higher existence, directly entangled to the source and receiving His abilities. Renewed into our primordial existence in Him.

‌Mount Up with Wings Like Eagles:

‌Here, the mystical ascension takes flight. The Hebrew To mount up with wings like eagles literally means ‘to ascend like’. It is to enter a state of consciousness ascending into sublime freedom and ecstasy. The soul, ascending the Divine, experiences a transcendent liberation from earthly ties. In this ascension, we enter ethereal-vision, the world through God’s eyes, seeing beyond the temporary to the eternal. It’s a mystical unveiling, where the interconnectedness of all creation becomes vividly apparent, and the spirit soars in the expansive love of יהוה.

‌Running and Not Growing Weary:

‌This stage symbolizes the dynamism of spiritual pursuit in REST. It is the mystic’s journey through the realms, chasing the divine oasis that quenches all thirst. In this running, there is no fatigue, for divine energy fuels it. It’s an experience of pursuing the entangled dimensions of Yahweh with relentless passion, yet finding in each realm an inexhaustible source of strength, joy and bliss. It’s effortless.

‌To walking and not Faint:

‌The final stage of ascension… the walk in the garden. It symbolises the maturity of the spirit’s journey, where the initial bursts of spiritual enthusiasm have settled into a constant, unwavering companionship with יהוה. Walking is living mysticism, discovering the sacred in the ordinary, and acknowledging the divine in every moment. It’s the divine romance experience.

‌Through these stages of mystical ascension, the spirits’ relationship with יהוה deepens. Each experience of waiting, renewing, soaring, running, and walking is a layer of divine encounter, revealing more of the infinite facets of God’s nature and the entanglement of a divine relationship laced with an intoxication of His love wine flowing.

‌Isaiah 40:31 invites us to a mystical adventure, one that promises not just spiritual highs, but a profound change in how we view and live in the world. In the sacred act of waiting, we open ourselves to the boundless possibilities of growth and discovery in יהוה, finding that the deepest treasures lie not at the journey’s end but in each moment of divine communion along the way.

‌Activation Prayer:

‌I surrender Jesus. I fall back into your breath and I breathe in the rhythms of your grace and love as I ascend into depths of your heart. Teach me your ascension realms that the breath of your spirit is more tangible than my physical reality. I love You.

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