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If you are new to this Journey with the Hebrew letters, i want to encourage you to read the preceding blogs to catch up and give you a better foundation. If this is a new journey for you, you are still at the right place. You might not get or understand everything, just keep moving forward. 1% is 1% you never had.


Into to the Hebrew letters, Intro to Aleph, Intro to Beyt, Intro to Gimmel, Intro to Dalet, Intro Hey.

Intro to VAV, Intro to Zayin, Intro to CHET, Intro to TET,

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Just a thought on the Hebrew letters before we go on. Remember that the letters unveil levels of consciousness or awareness. They are keys that unlock. If you had to picture Jesus as a building, that building has different floors, and each floor has a row of rooms. The Letters are the floors (dimensions) that take you deeper into this building, unlocking the rooms (realms) to experience and release the potential and purpose of the building (Jesus).


I know all the letters in the aleph-bet are mystical,  however the Hebrew letter mem has a special significance for me and holds a special place within my heart.  The Hebrew letter mem means water,  and water is the foundational component in creation. מם MEM has a numerical value of 40 and as a word a value of 80 which is a double MEM. That is significant, as God parted the waters to create, which resulted into the upper and lower waters…. THE SECRETS AND MYSTERIES OF CREATION. 

If we think of the four stages in studying the word in Hebraic culture,  we have: 

1. Peshat (פְּשָׁט) – “surface” (“straight”) or the literal (direct) meaning.

2. Remez (רֶמֶז) – “hints” or the deep (allegorical: hidden or symbolic) meaning beyond just the literal sense.

3. Derash (דְּרַשׁ) – from Hebrew darash: “inquire” (“seek”) – the comparative (midrashic) meaning, as given through similar occurrences.

4. Sod (סוֹד) (pronounced with a long O as in ‘lore’) – “secret” (“mystery”) or the esoteric/mystical meaning, as given through inspiration or revelation. (WIKIPEDIA)

MEM מ completely operates in the secret mystical place where we can only comprehend the workings of YHVH through a spirit of wisdom and revelation. 

MEM is a realm completely shrouded in mysteries and holds within it the wonders of creating. I believe with all my heart מ is that letter. When understood and engaged correctly, we create and bring something from nothing.

It occupies the feminine position, so it receives and gives birth. Water is a key component of creating and giving birth. Therefore MEM is positioned as the one who facilitates a transition… to be born or transition into a higher realm of spiritual engagement. Water is the very element for creation to come forth, survive and grow.

The first time the letter MEM appears as its meaning in the Hebrew bible is in the word ‘waters’

Genesis 1:2 NIV

Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

However, Mem also appears in 3 other words before waters, appearing in the word DEEP, ELOHIM and HOVERING.


The Hebrew word for DEEP is TEHOM

The dictionary describes it as = 

The deep, the depths, i.e., an area below the surface of bodies of water, a dark, inaccessible, inexhaustible, and mysterious place controlled only by objects with vast powers. WOW…surely that must peak your interests that the realm MEM operates in, is controlled by OBJECTS WITH FAST POWERS, attention alert. Two points stood out for me,  controlled,  and vast powers,  which means it is a place you can operate from. Vast powers being involved, would also indicate a measure of maturity required to operate here. Imagine the creative power you engage in Christ, if this letter finds a channel of manifestation in and through you. Mem is one of the creation elements i.e. Fire, Wind, Water… which means creation is at the centre of this amazing letter.

It is from within MEM that Yahweh teaches us to create, to part the waters in situations and circumstances, to bring forth supernatural manifestations. Think of Moses… he engaged an object of vast power, the waters parted & a doorway to a miracle opened. That might be a physical example, but that’s what happens in the spirit realm. You are the ABRAKADABRA (as I speak I create) in the Kingdom. Learn to speak to the waters… we’ll be doing this activation on Wednesday at the Throne Room group. It also forms part of the activation for this blog.

East מזרח

East is significant from a spiritual perspective. It’s the gate we position ourselves as we engage the Glory’s access point. It’s the gate of our position in prayer. So if this word starts with מ, it signifies its position at the east gate, to bring forth and create as MEM engages with Wisdom, which is the last Hebrew letter in the word ‘East’ ח CHET. 

Conscious. מודע

Last, we look at the word ‘Conscious’, as it starts with מ and ends with ע EYIN. MEM raises our conscious level, our awareness as co creators in Christ. As it Arcs with ע, we can perceive and engage new depths and insights to YAHWEH’s original intent. As it raises our awareness, our faith grows and we step into the maturity that releases from the Throne Room.

Words with MEM

Anointed. משוח

Scroll. מגלה

Manna. מן

Kingdom. מלכות

The angel of MEM: Meromiel מרומיאל or angel of MEM

Please note I suspect that is the name… I couldn’t establish it with certainty

Don’t forget our Throne Room Engagement group Wednesday evening to engage some activations. I anticipate that our activation with MEM will be a significant one.




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