Frequencies of Wisdom – Wisdom’s Call

Hebrew words,New Creation being,Wisdom

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Frequencies of Wisdom

 Wisdom's Call

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Welcome to our next blog. For those new to the blog and groups,  we focus on the Hebrew aspect of the scriptures. Knowledge of the Hebrew language is not a requirement to be part of this journey, however, it will inspire you to know more.

 The blog and the Wednesday group activation goes hand in hand.

The podcast

The podcast for the blog appears at the end of the blog. The Throne Room engagement recordings are added on Mondays. You’ll find the previous ascension recordings on the TRM YouTube page. Thank you for being part of the journey


Frequencies of Wisdom – Wisdoms call



Proverbs 8:1–2 NIV

Does not wisdom call out? Does not understanding raise her voice? At the highest point along the way, where the paths meet, she takes her stand;


Proverbs 8:1–2 TPT

Can’t you hear the voice of wisdom? From the top of the mountains of influence she speaks into the gateways of the glorious city. At the place where pathways merge, at the entrance of every portal, there she stands, ready to impart understanding, shouting aloud to all who enter, preaching her sermon to those who will listen.


As we embark on a journey of unfolding wisdom in our existence from deep within Yahweh’s divine essence, we traverse the boundless realms of spiritual dimensions that emanate from the core of His being. To embark upon this transformative path, we must wholeheartedly embrace the realisation that we, too, are intricate and multifaceted new creation beings, intertwined with countless layers of existence. Within the sacred tapestry of our spirits lie diverse realms waiting to be unraveled, explored, and understood. For it is in the comprehension of these profound inner dimensions we unlock the keys of sonship.

In this divine tapestry, where knowledge and enlightenment intersect, a sacred voice entwines with wisdom’s essence. It echoes from peaks of influence, cascading down mountainsides, penetrating gateways of God’s sons. The sacred voice calls to seekers, wanderers, restless souls yearning for truth. With each word, it ignites a fire, stirring the depths of our being, urging to embark on a profound journey of discovery.

We seek ancient paths, sacred trails, wisdom etched, footsteps of those who journeyed before us. As we turn our gaze inward, we become attuned to the echoes of eternal knowledge that resonate from our encounters with wisdom.

Are you a seeker? Adventure is waiting. The exhilaration of yielding to wisdom’s guidance unlocks adventure in you. It enables the ability to embrace the beauty of uncertainty, embracing the courage to dance with faith over fear.

Are you at a crossroads?

Here countless paths intertwine and boundaries between realms can blur, but take heart. It’s here, in all her majestic splendor, that wisdom stands. Like a beacon of light, she beckons us to draw near, her countenance radiant with understanding and clarity. Yes…clarity. She brings light to your call and ignites boldness to go where no man dares. As you venture through the pathways of your destiny, her voice reverberates with power and grace, resonating through the fabric of your existence ‘I’ve got you’. Her voice, like a symphony of enlightenment, reaches out to touch your spirit, mantling you with profound revelation, courage, and direction.

As New Creation beings, at every juncture of our spiritual journey, wisdom stands without fail at every gate, ever watchful. She is the embodiment of divine insight and discernment, whispering her timeless truths into the depths of our souls. With resounding clarity, she proclaims the way of good and right, guiding you towards the fulfilment of true purpose and destiny. In her radiant presence, wisdom holds the sacred scroll, the profound mandate that encapsulates the essence of each unique pathway and season that awaits us. Within its sacred script lie the keys to unlocking victory and success. As we willingly accept her guidance and surrender to the path she unveils, a profound transformation occurs within us. The essence of that scroll, the sacred wisdom and divine power, deposited deep into the recesses of our being. 


Jeremiah 6:16 (NIV)

This is what the Lord says: “Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.


A daily entanglement with wisdom is fundamental, a celestial gps guiding you into destiny. Within her voice, she imparts keys to unlock the mysteries of life, the hidden treasures of discernment, and the secrets of the ages. What an epic journey as wisdom transforms the mundane into the extraordinary. Watch out for her beacons. Like a lighthouse, she stands ready to guide you on your daily adventure.


Activation Prayer

Jesus, you are my gate, the access to all the ancient paths. I ask for wisdom to stand at a crossroads, guiding me into divine destiny. I ask for the discernment to see her beacons and respond to her guidance. I love you, Jesus.

You are welcome to join in on the ascension Wednesday, details below, recordings on the YouTube channel.

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Hebrew words,New Creation being,Wisdom
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