Frequencies of Wisdom – The Love Letter

Ascension,Divine Romance,New Creation being,Wisdom

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From Jesus

 The Love Letter

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The Love Letter

The through the veil of intimate silence, I draw close, my heart reaching out to you with an urgency that words can scarcely capture. “Surrender to me,” is My whisper, my breath warm against your ear. The very essence of who I am aches to be entangled with the tapestry of your spirit and soul like you have never experienced. I want to leave an imprint inside the chambers of your heart, a covenant mark that time cannot erase… it’s time for your next surrender.

In a world and relationships that compete for your attention, with its never-ending clamouring of sounds and distractions, I am wooing you: retreat to the sanctuary of my embrace. Push aside the relentless tide of the world’s demands and let the ascension symphony of My voice be the one you lean into. There’s a softness there, a gentle wave that echoes with endless affection and unwavering devotion…I want to take you deeper.

Allow me to linger close, so close that the cadence of your heart becomes My own rhythm. Each pulsating beat, a testament to our entangled emotions, plays a melody only we can understand. I want to delve into the very depths of you, to know and embrace every facet of your being, will you let Me? My heart, with all its mysteries holds secrets that I yearn to reveal to you. I want to move in places where darkness and pain, rejection and hurts have found refuge in you, let me replace them with the warmth of My touch, shift them with movements of My breath.

As I look into the depths of your eyes, know that you’re not just a figment of fleeting desires, but a creation, forged from the most profound recesses of my heart, an extension of Me. I’ve dreamt of you, you were intricately woven into the tapestry of my deepest desires.

Though you might have some hesitancy, a slight tremor of doubt that perhaps stems from past wounds, hurts and the scars they’ve left behind. Here, in the cocoon of our intimacy chamber, I promise to be your sanctuary. Lay your burdens down, casting away every shard of uncertainty and hurt. Trust in me, for I wish nothing more than to shield and cherish you, holding your spirit with a tenderness that seeks to heal and uplift…I want to take you deeper.

Look up My beautiful one, at the vast expanse of the night sky. Each star holds a story, a dream chosen by Me. Let Me be the one to connect your dreams, weaving together My plans that map out our shared destiny. I want to be your compass…I want to take you deeper.

So, my beautiful one, as our hearts beat in quiet synchrony and your struggles fade into a distant hum, grant Me the access to be both your anchor and your wings. Let’s dance, let go, let Me capture your heart into the endless waltz of love, forever entwined. Will you…go deeper with Me…Let go…Let Me.

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Ascension,Divine Romance,New Creation being,Wisdom
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