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The Hebrew letter MEM means water.  I love engaging with MEM, because it was the key component in creation and is a valuable dimension when we co-create with Christ.  When the Holy Spirit brooded over the waters, the MEM was there. MEM carries the frequency and the vibrations of creation and creating. When we ponder and meditate on MEM we unlock the abilities of creating, and we start to delve into the Deep Mysteries,  the treasures of Darkness as spoken of in Isaiah 45. We start to release as sons of God our creative ability within Christ.

I like to think of MEM as a birthing chamber. Just like Genesis describes the waters being parted to create the upper waters and the waters below,  So we can engage MEM to activate a new heaven and release a new Earth. It’s fascinating to note, no water existed on earth yet when this process in Genesis took place. So when we engage with MEM, we engage a mystery that goes beyond time and space, a dimension involved before creation and the substance of earth was formed.

John 7:38
On the last and greatest day of the feast, Jesus stood up and called out in a loud voice, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink. 38Whoever believes in Me, as the Scripture has said: ‘Streams of living water will flow from within him.’”

Engaging with MEM reveals Revelations of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit

 When I engage with MEM,  I activate the angelic realm of MEM.  I speak to the gates of MEM to open up and facilitate the Living Waters flowing in and through me. 

So in your time of prayer and meditation follow these steps.  If you have a different process or Mojo, that’s fantastic, these are only guidelines to set your engaging in Motion

  1.   Activate your meditation process
  2. Visualise MEM and allow the image to be imprinted on your imagination
  3. Ask the Holy Spirit to open up the gates of your heart and show you the revelations of MEM
  4. activate the angelic realm of MEM,  so speak it out “ I engage and activate the angelic realm of MEM,  to facilitate Revelations of my son ship and co-creating in Christ
  5. just like you would be still and  meditate and ponder on a scripture,  so you do the same with the Hebrew letters. 
  6. Follow what you feel you are sensing or what the Holy Spirit is showing you.  Be sensitive with your visualisations and be aware of other pictures’ origins joining in.  Take note of what the letter is doing. 
  7. Visualise whatever you are observing to be imprinted in your spirit and your DNA,  like when you download an upgrade. The same is happening with your spirit, you are downloading something that the letter through the Holy Spirit is showing you and you allow its manifestations to be installed and seated in your spirit

 As you mature in engaging the Hebrew letters , you will realise whatever it is you are currently experiencing,  is but a drop in the ocean of what is still coming. 

MEM is the incubator and constantly gives birth and releases the new. 

NB: We will continue to revisit each Hebrew letter as we go along, engaging and activating different realms and dimensions of each one.

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