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Welcome to our next blog. For those new to the blog and groups,  we focus on the Hebrew aspect of the scriptures. Knowledge of the Hebrew language is not a requirement to be part of this journey, however, it will inspire you to know more. If you are new to the Hebrew Letters, below is a link to the last blog on the Living Letters. Within that blog are the links to all the letters. (LINK)

Mystic realms of the Hebrew word: Ha-gah הגה Meditate

As we move down the Hebrew letter alphabet focussing on the letter ה, it took little convincing to choose the Hebrew word Ha-gah הגה, which means to MEDITATE. It is not the only Hebrew word for ‘meditate’ but I love the fact that its definition is coupled with sound.

The art of meditation within the Christianity has devolved and diminished to what this practice really entales. Many a believer have restricted the discipline of meditation to contemplation when there is so much more to this amazing practice and word הגה.

The dictionary describes the Hebrew word not only to ‘ponder’ but also to ‘speak’, to ‘moan’ and to ‘growl’. This word, linked to meditation, is the art of connecting what you ponder, to entangle and release the frequency through your mouth. Hence why chanting plays such an important role in meditation? You release the frequency of what you ponder on through an act of chanting. Once released through your mouth, what you were pondering, creates. 

When you study the makeup of הגה, Hey is positioned in front and at the end of the word. Meditation incorporates breathing, the breath that enters carries what ג brings, the breath that leaves, framing what it gave. 

Ha-gah is a frequency word, sound intermingled with breath. 

As I engaged with Yahweh around this word, we went to the libraries and He introduced me to the angel of Ha-gah. He took me by hand and showed me the activities in the spirit realm and what they do when you meditate. Know that meditation is a practice that attracts angelic interaction.

During your contemplation, whatever it is you are focusing on, is brought before the throne room as an offering. The breath ה releases to ג the frequency that accompanies what you meditate on. Gimmel unlocks the storehouses that contain the sound of your meditation focus point and releases it back to you through the breath ה. When you breathe during meditation, it is a physical action that activates a spiritual pathway, interacting between you and what it releases from the spirit realm. Each sound or frequency released within the breath is supposed to find its expression through your mouth. When the sound releases, it activates your mind, will and emotions to express your meditation through your body. 

A word that closely links with this practice is ‘chanting’, or otherwise known as a mantra.

A mantra is a word, scripture or formula, chanted as an incantation (magical power). Now for some that might sound dodgy, but put it in perspective with what I just described happens spiritually when you meditate. The enemy understands how the spirit realm works, that’s why this practice is so popular among eastern religions and the new age. Our gate is different though, moving in and through the door which is Jesus Christ, we are engaging with throne room frequencies empowering us to flesh out what we meditate on, transporting you through heavenly dimensions, immersed in the bliss and intimacy of a loving relationship with Yeshua.

The numerical value for הגה is 13 (5+3+5). Mem מ is the 13th letter in the AlephBeyt. There’s no letter with the Gematria of 13 so, 1+3 = 4, which ends up with the letter Dalet ד. Putting together the mysteries of הגה in partnership with מ and ד:

Ha-gah is the breath of meditation moving back and forth through realms of the Kingdom, revealing and releasing ‘as above so below’. It is the door ד through Jesus, that scoops up the vapour released from the upper and lower waters מ, secrets and mysteries, to flesh out its reality within you. 

When entering a deep state of meditation, the frequencies of your thoughts and of your words, hovers over the waters of the cells in your body, changing and increasing your body’s vibrational frequency.  Every thought carries a frequency, every sound carries a frequency, and every feeling carries a frequency.  Did you know that the body can be healed by sound – by tuning it with certain frequencies where disease cannot exist any longer…

Joshua 1:8 NIV

Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.

May I suggest a different approached to this scripture:

‘As you chant and mantra the Word from your lips, engaging הגה (meditation) constantly, you won’t just do what is written, but you’ll BE what is written’. 

That’s what הגה does, it releases the blueprint of your meditation to be fleshed out. It continues to activate your new creation body so that which you create through meditation will find its expression through you.

Phillipians 4:8

Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, meditate on these things.

The third part of this triangle – thinking and speaking being the first two – is feeling.  When what you feel aligns with what you think and speak, a channel for receiving the meditations of your heart is created.  God has placed eternity in your heart, and as a doorway, your heart and the meditations thereof, forms a sacred birthing place.   And when your heart is purified by the all-consuming fire, it becomes one with that fire, and whatsoever you create, will remain.

I love you with all my heart…you are the bestest group, EVER.

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