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I’m Passionate About Teaching and Activating Throne Room Realities, unlocking New Creation living

Throne Room Mystic focuses on equipping you to unlock Kingdom inheritance. You are seated with Christ in Heavenly places, the Throne Room is your vantage point, I want to help you unlock, activate and engage your new creation being. Exploring the realms of the Throne Room of God, building our sonship as Co Creators in Christ, engaging the Supernatural and exploring Hebraic mysteries.

Every Tuesday a Blog is released equipping you with keys to the Kingdom, unlocking New Creation living. The blog focuses on mysteries in the Hebrew language and the Hebrew letters, engaging mystic realms through ascensions.







TRM Academy

Individual Online Learning

& Engage our courses at your own pace, We aim to be thorough and practical…the focus is on the HOW TO.

2020 is our first step with the Academy and we aim to release courses on a regular basis. Our beginning is small, but we have BIG dreams. Our goal with each student is to see the practical engagement of their Kingdom Inheritance, releasing keys to the Kingdom & growing maturity in Sonship.


Each course comes with written lessons, video tutorials as well as practical steps of activation and How To. After each course you as the student will receive a certificate of completion

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