Angels & Gateways

God destined for man to be the gateways to the portals of the heavens, that through the door, Jesus, we as the sons of God, are the gatekeepers to the Heavenly realms.

Recalibrate your Angelic interaction

Why the history of fear regarding the angels and their domain? I believe many people do not engage the angelic realm due to an inherent fear that stems all the way back to the Garden of Eden. Unless we address this issue and reverse its effects and consequences, people will struggle to engage with freedom […]

Engaging the Hebrew Letter MEM מ

The Hebrew letter MEM means water.  I love engaging with MEM, because it was the key component in creation and is a valuable dimension when we co-create with Christ.  When the Holy Spirit brooded over the waters, the MEM was there. MEM carries the frequency and the vibrations of creation and creating. When we ponder […]

Engaging the Angels in your prayer life

As I was pondering on our journey with the angelic realm, I’ve come to realise how many people perceive that angelic visitations or interactions are reserved for other ‘special People’, those with greater faith, or special events or circumstances that warrant it. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, angels are attracted to faith, […]


If there is a topic the general church in total is skittish about, ‘ it is ‘The interaction and engagement of the angelic realm’Angels play a crucial role in the daily activity of the heavenly realms. From waging war, clearing pathways and avenues, delivering and activating messages, fulfil His word, scrolls and mandates, they guard and play important roles regarding governing nations and churches.